The Melton Centre

The Melton Centre for Jewish Education at The Fox School of Education of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is an academic center for the study of Jewish education committed to supporting the sustainability of Jewish culture and heritage through diverse forms of education.

The Melton Centre’s mission is to undertake research, to offer academic programs that nurture the development of scholars and practitioners, and to engage with the field through innovative educational projects.

The Centre is an inclusive and diverse academic community with a mandate to develop new empirical and theoretical knowledge for the good of Jewish education in Israel and around the world.

The Centre is committed to cooperation with those working in Jewish education within diverse ideological and religious orientations, as well as engagement with religions and cultures outside Judaism that share similar concerns and commitments.

The activities of the Melton Centre maintain The Hebrew University’s commitment to academic excellence, engagement with the international academic community, and its mission as the University of the Jewish People.