Tuition and Fees

The International M.A. Program at the Melton Centre consists of 36 credits (18 teaching hours).

Full Tuition for Students Completing the Program (36 Credits) in One Year (valid for school year 2021-2022):

• International students: NIS 36,520

• Students with Israeli citizenship: NIS 29,216

• Registration fee (one-time): $110

• Security fee (annual): NIS 602

(All these figures may vary slightly from year to year.)

Students who complete the program in two years will pay approximately NIS 17,533 per year.

Instructions on how to pay tuition can be found here.

Note: Further questions regarding payments, tuition and how much you would owe in exceptional scenarios can be addressed to the tuition department through this form: Tuition and Student Payments.

For assistance with the payment process, please contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp +972-58-789-8217.

Or contact the Student Administration Division’s call center, which provides responses to the entire university student population, on all matters related to admission, tuition, payments and grades.


Tuition and Graduation

The student is required to complete the degree within a maximum of two academic years.

A two-year academic period is a total of four Fall and Spring Semesters plus one Summer Semester.

If you have paid the full tuition, but do not complete the curriculum within two years, you will be charged 8% of the annual tuition for every additional hour enrolled, plus 10%.

If you enroll for a third year and have not paid the full tuition, you must pay the balance of the debt, including those for courses in the third year, plus 10% tuition. In the academic third year there could still be a minimum charge of 50% tuition, depending on your previous payments. In this case, it is advisable to consult the tuition department using this link.

Note: Some international students find the specifics of the tuition policies at Hebrew University and other Israeli institutions unfamiliar and complex. Further questions regarding payments, tuition and how much you would owe in exceptional scenarios can be addressed to the tuition department, or visit Hebrew University’s Student Administration Division.

Advance payment

To secure their places in the M.A. program, students must pay a portion of the tuition before the program begins. In 2021, the advance payment required was 962 NIS.


A student can choose to pay in up to nine monthly installments, depending on the number of credits he or she is taking.

The first installment consists of 4,403 NIS (minus the advance payment).

The second installment must bring the student’s total payments up to 35% of tuition (35% minus previous payments).

Each remaining installment must bring the total payments up to another 10% of tuition (e.g. 45% by the third payment, 55% by the fourth payment, etc.) until all tuition is paid.

Anyone wishing to make a different payment arrangement should go to the tuition section at this link.

A student who does not meet the payment schedule as determined by the university, will be charged arrears, interest and indexation on the balance.

For more information about the payment schedule, please see this link.

Special Status

A student admitted with "special status” will at first pay the same rate as undergraduate students: 5% of tuition for each teaching hour, plus 10% overhead, for a total of 5.5% tuition per teaching hour.

When the student is later accepted fully into the program, every hour he or she studied with "special status” will be translated into a regular-status master's hourly rate; the student will then retroactively be charged the difference between the 5.5% and 8% of tuition.

Program Withdrawal

A student who has decided to withdraw from the program should follow these steps in order to avoid future inconvenience:

1. Inform the Melton Centre’s Office Administrator:

2. Inform Hebrew University’s Student Administration Division and pay pending debts, if any, through this form. You can find general information about withdrawing from Hebrew University here.

3. If you are within the registration period for the courses, please cancel them through the Course Registration System (RishumNet) or contact the Academic Secretary.