The Teaching Policy and Procedures document (which you can download here) includes the Melton Centre’s teaching policy and the procedures relevant to a long-distance study program. These procedures were determined by the Melton Centre’s Teaching Committee, and conform to the procedures prescribed by the Hebrew University Teaching and Learning Policy and Procedures Committee.

The Teaching Policy and Learning Procedures are designed to clarify most academic-administrative procedures common to all students in the International M.A. in Education, Masters Blended Program specializing in Jewish Education program.

Issues not addressed and exceptional cases, whether they are matters of principle or relate to a group of students or an individual student, will be considered by the Melton Centre Teaching Committee, and, if necessary, will be referred to the Chair of the Committee for Teaching and Learning Policy and Procedures (Va’adat Nahal) for a decision.  The Chair also serves as the arbiter for appeals against decisions made by the Centre in areas under the jurisdiction of the University’s Teaching and Learning Policy and Procedures Committee.