Summer Semester

The summer semester consists of four weeks of intensive study at Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus Campus in Jerusalem, Israel (see the note below about Covid-19’s impact on the Summer of 2021). This constitutes the "Israel experience" component of the program, which is central to the training of our educators. During this term, students attend classes Monday to Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, in order to complete a total of 10 academic credits. The academic program also includes educational tours and trips in Jerusalem and around the country, cultural activities and more. Students can opt to stay in the university dorms, or wherever they choose. Subsidies for the dorms may be available for Onward Fellows and for Masa Israel Teaching Fellows; you can learn more about available fellowships here.

Summer Semester Online: Due to Covid-19, the 2021 Summer Semester will take place via Zoom in a combined synchronous and asynchronous modality; all students must virtually attend all lectures at the same times, while the discussion forums and other asynchronous components will continue as usual.

The duration of the semester is six weeks, during which the students will take a total of five courses. Each course is two credits.

Modality of Work in the 2021 Summer Semester

Each of the five courses includes a 90-minute lecture each week, viewable via a video-conferencing platform. The classes take place between Monday and Thursday. The specific hours and days that you must attend class depends on which courses you are taking. For your convenience, each class is offered twice per day, so you can choose the options that best suit you and your time zone.

(a) Courses offered from 7:00-8:30 AM Israel time will repeat from 3:00-4:30 PM Israel time.

(b) Courses offered from 8:45-10:15 AM Israel time will repeat from 4:45-6:15 Israel time.

To complete the academic requirements of the courses, in addition to the synchronous classes you must participate in asynchronous activities such as discussion forums, work in teams, etc.

Some of the courses offer virtual visits to Israeli educational institutions such as museums and other enrichment activities.

Schedule of the 2021 Summer Semester

Summer 2021