How to enroll to courses

You may download a PDF version of these instructions here

1. Log in to the Course Registration System, RishumNet, with the username and password provided to you by the university.

How to enroll 1

2. Choose the Jewish Education M.A. (number 245) in the language of your choice (1572 for English or 2245 for Spanish and Portuguese) and press “continue.”

3. Indicate whether you plan to complete the degree this year.

4. Select the courses in which you want to enroll.

You can manually add elective courses from the program by entering their numbers into the search bar.

5. Continue to stage 2.

6. Add each course to the Semester Schedule by clicking on the blue circle below the course name.

7. After registering for all your courses, continue to stage 3 and approve the schedule. Note that the enrollment process will not be completed until you click “Approve the schedule.”

We recommend to print the final schedule.