Method of Study


The M.A. in Education, Masters Blended Program specializing in Jewish Education uses a blend of teaching methods including online synchronous and asynchronous leaning as well as face to face instruction during the summer semester on campus.

The online courses make use of the Hebrew University online platform designed for distance learning. In these courses, throughout the semester, weekly classes are uploaded to the website. Students are required to view the lesson, complete relevant readings, participate in discussions and submit assignments. Each course will include a number of synchronous session using ZOOM. At the end of the semester students submit a final assignment for each course

The summer semester consists of four weeks of intensive courses of study at the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus Campus in Jerusalem.

All the lectures and course materials are in English. Assignments and contributions to forum discussions must be submitted in English. A high level of English proficiency is therefore a requirement for participation.

The program requires on average four to six study hours per week for each course over the semester of 14 weeks, including reading, interim assignments, participation in forums, but does not include the writing of  final assignments which  require a further  40 to 50 hours.