Method of Study

The International Master of Education specializing in Jewish Education uses a blend of teaching methods, including online synchronous and asynchronous learning and face-to-face instruction on campus during the summer semester.


Asynchronous studies are carried out using the "Moodle" platform for distance learning. Synchronous classes are taught on Zoom.

In asynchronous courses (during the fall and spring semesters), the lessons are updated every week on the platform; students must watch the video classes, complete the readings, actively participate in the forums or interactive activities, and submit the practical work for each lesson. At the end of the semester, students must submit a final paper for each course.

All classes are conducted in Spanish or Portuguese or are subtitled in both languages. Likewise, assignments and contributions to the forums can be done in these languages. One of the requirements to participate in the program is to have a high level of English, since the readings are generally in this language.

In the intensive winter courses - four weeks, in February - two courses of two credits each are offered. Each course consists of eight classes on Zoom and four asynchronous classes on Moodle.

The intensive summer semester (two weeks, in July) takes place on the Hebrew University of Jerusalem campus. During this time, students take three courses of two credits each, and are provided training tours and special activities.

The Master's degree, completed over two years, requires an average of ten to fourteen hours of study per week - four to six hours per week for each course - including reading, practical work, participation, etc.