Nirit Gelfer

"I'm an Israeli and in the past two years I was a Shlicha through the Jewish Agency, at Hillel in two Universities in the USA.  My role was to represented Israel and lead the Israel education programs and delegations. During my Shlichut time I was a student in The Melton center for Jewish Education and I graduate in 2020 after a year of studying.

I’m so glad that I joined this MA program. I was curious to learn more about the Jewish history, my roots and about Israel education from academic resource. The Melton program was exactly what I looked for, I learned a lot and the courses were interesting and focus on different topics as Entrepreneurship, Zionism, Israel education, Jewish philosophy and more. I grew up in Israel so some of the things were familiar for me and it was so interesting to learn it deeper and with people from all around the world. I did the whole degree online and it fits exactly with my needs because it was very flexible. All the classes were professional. After learning about Judaism and Israel, it gave me more motivation to continue working in the Israel education field and now I understand even more the importance of Israel education. I highly recommend this program."

Nirit Gelfer | Shlicha through the Jewish Agency, Hillel in two Universities in the USA

Cohort 2020

Ada Halevi

"In this globalized changing world, the study of the Hebrew Language ‘Leshon Hakodesh” plays an important role as an integral component of building our students’ Jewish identity as well as culturally unifying them with communities of Jews in the diaspora and in Israel. The study of Hebrew may be looked at in the same way we refer to the learning of any other base of knowledge, this is one of the multiple components of the Jewish Education. All these elements should work in synergy in order to achieve a polish final product.    

The  International MA in Education, specializing in Jewish Education was very valuable, I developed my leadership skills in formal and informal frameworks exploring questions of culture and identity in educational programs. Equipped with necessary skills to develop the curriculum and programming around the topics of Jewish communities around the world and Jewish education, I am capable to explore various opportunities for my students to be immersed in the Hebrew language and culture through various mutual initiatives mainly connected to the land of Israel and its people."

Ada  Halevi | Head of Languages (7-12), Masada College

Cohort 2021


"My experience with the program was extremely positive. Earning a university degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was an old dream that today gives me a lot of personal pride - and that feeling is much valuable when we face a somewhat undervalued professional market such as the education one. I went through the M.A. program after more than a decade of work as a Jewish Educator and it was very enriching to see myself again at the student’s desk. This simple change of perspective was enough to make me review numerous teaching practices that I had been adopting in previous years. However, perhaps the greatest legacy of the course for me was the consolidation of a Jewish educational vision, which has been guiding my professional projects ever since. Within this view, two factors that are deeply explored by the excellent teachers of the Melton Centre should be highlighted: firstly, the appreciation for the sources, part of a sincere effort to make Jewish education an authentic exercise, and the appreciation for complexity, with the program actively embracing the multiplicity inherent in Jewish tradition and Jewish culture."

André Frank | TTH Barilan School Principal (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

Cohort 2019

Cheryl Bedenbaugh

"I received my Masters in Education, specializing in Jewish Education from Hebrew University in 2018 and it was such a great experience. The campus is an amazing place with many talented leaders and professors. I met so many interesting people in my classes and visited important sites around Jerusalem and Israel. I am using my degree as a Faculty Professor at Excelsior College in the Psychology Department Judaic Studies. I teach the Capstones course and have many Jewish students from the States, Europe and Yeshiva students from Israel. I enjoy the education field because it is meaningful and provides a method to implement creativity and inspiration. Enabling others to gain an appreciation and respect of learning and culture as it relates to the field of education, helps in understanding one’s identity and purpose. Education to me is helping others understand key concepts in a way that makes sense to them. In this process, everyone can feel confident and enjoy success. My aim is to continue to build on this theme, and to work towards assisting students in achieving a complete platform, so they can become productive and accomplished citizens, investing back into their communities. With focus and determination, learning is powerful; it opens doors, opens the mind. It is the key to successful academics, it is the key to the future!"

Cheryl Bedenbaugh | Faculty Professor at Excelsior College in the Psychology, Department Judaic Studies

Cohort 2018