The courses of the International Master of Education program with a specialization in Jewish Education are designed to familiarize students with the methods and novelties in research in Jewish education and, in turn, favor the clarification and reformulation of the objectives, methods, practices, and challenges involved in the transmission of Jewish culture and the teaching of Jewish and Israeli content. The program focuses on the challenges and problems facing Jewish education in Diaspora Jewish communities in three main areas:

  1. The philosophy, sociology, and psychology of Jewish education and the education of Israel.
  2. The teaching of the Jewish texts.
  3. Entrepreneurship and innovation in Jewish education.

Of the 36 total credits required for the master's degree, 12 are for compulsory (core) courses, and 24 are for elective courses. In addition, the university can approve up to eight credits earned outside the program, either from other courses taken at the Hebrew University or from universities recognized by the Hebrew University. Prior approval must be obtained for courses outside the specialized area of ​​Jewish Education.

Students who do not have a sufficient background in Jewish education or studies should take the following courses as prerequisites (credits for these courses will not be included in the master's degree):

  • Foundations of education (63001)
  • Jewish education and Judaic studies (63002)
  • Course offerings may change due to unforeseen academic, logistical, or other circumstances.



2022-2023 Course List

Fall Semester (distance learning*) – October 2022 Teacher Credits  
Renewing the practice of Israel Education (63012) Dr. Alex Pomson 4 Elective
Contemporary Jewry and Jewish Education (63015) Dr. Yossi Goldstein 2 Required
Jewish education and art: Visual Culture as text (63020) Hava Schwartz 4 Elective
Issues in Philosophy and Jewish Education (63007) Dr. Michael Gillis 4 Required
Intensive Winter Sessions (on-line) – February 2023      
Culture & Identity Track Teacher Credits  
Social Sciences and Jewish Education (63006) Dr. Yehuda Bar Shalom 2 Required
Windows to Israeli society through Literature (63011) Dr. Rachel Korazin 2 Elective
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track Teacher Credits  
Social Sciences and Jewish Education (63006) Dr. Yehuda Bar Shalom 2 Required
Evaluating social and educational programs (63028) Dr. Yuval Ofec 1 Elective
Creativity and Innovation in Educational Organizations (63026) Dr. Sharon Arieli 1 Elective
Practical Foundraising: Case Studies (63025) Dr. Sidney Engelberg 1 Elective
Innovative thinking in Education (63029) Vered Resnick 1 Elective
Spring Semester  (distance learning*) – March 2023 Teacher Credits  
Visions in Jewish Education (63004) Dr. Ari Ackerman 4 Elective
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Jewish Education (63014) Dr. Jonathan Mirvis 4 Elective
Israel Education and the challenge of Zionism in the 21st century (63005) Dr. Alick Isaacs. 4 Elective
Curriculum and the Teaching of Jewish Texts (63003)  Dr. Howard Deitcher – Avigail Aravna 4 Required
Summer Semester (in Israel) – July 2023      
Culture & Identity Track Teacher Credits  
Learning in places (63021) Ms. Hava Schwartz 2  
Midrash and Talmud: Texts on Education (63009) Dr. Richie Lewis – Dr. Shana Schick 2  
Informal and Experiential Education (63008) Jonathan Ariel - Dr. Marcelo I. Dorfsman 2  
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track Teacher Credits  
Innovation in Jewish Education: From Theory to Practice (63024) Dr. Jonathan Mirvis 2  
Learning in places (63021) Ms. Hava Schwartz 2  
Venture Accelerator for Jewish Education (63027) Dr. Amnon Dekel 2  

* Distance-learning courses include some synchronous classes to be taught by ZOOM.

This program may undergo changes throughout the year.