Matan has been at the cutting edge of Torah learning for women since it was established in 1988.  What began as a small group of women studying around a dining room table with Rabbanit Malke Bina, has developed into a dynamic, broad-based institute with intensive Beit Midrash programs and a wide array of innovative and challenging learning opportunities for women of all ages and from all backgrounds.

The Melton Centre of Jewish Education, in partnership with Matan, offers a unique opportunity for Matan students to complete the Blended Master’s program concurrently with their Beit Midrash learning.

Matan students may complete the online semesters during their time in Israel, followed by the six-week summer semester in Jerusalem. Selected Matan courses are recognized by Hebrew University and will be counted as credit towards the Master's degree.

This program provides fellows with the opportunity to live, work, and complete their MA degree at one of the top hundred universities in the world, within one year.

Special benefits and scholarships may apply to students registering as current Matan students.

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