How to Study in Moodle

You may download a PDF version of these instructions here.   

1. Log in to Moodle with your username and password.  Please make English your default language (in the upper left corner).

2. Choose the course from the left-hand column. You might not see all your courses at the start of the year; don’t worry, they will be made visible over time.


3. Welcome to the class! Each course has its own home screen. Scroll down to see all the materials that are visible for each course.

4. Access each lesson by clicking on the green book icon. Inside each book, on the left side, you will find the Table of Contents with all of the lesson’s sub-chapters. In the middle, main column, you will see lesson clips, reading material and activity guidelines. You can also use the arrows on the right side (top and bottom) to navigate through the lesson.

5. Join the forum by pressing on the appropriate link. To add a comment, click “Add a new topic,” add your comment and click “Submit.”

6. To submit a writing assignment, click “Press here to submit the assignment.”  To upload an assignment, click on the link and then press “Add submission.” Find the file in your folders and then click “Submit.”

We wish you great success!