MITF Academic Track

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

MITF is a partnership between Masa Israel Journey and the Ministry of Education. Masa Israel offers a uniquely transformative experience; we believe that Israel is the perfect platform for young adults who are eager to explore, experience, and develop skills for a lifetime of achievement. 

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is a 10-month fellowship for college graduates who want to make a difference. Fellows contribute to the future success of Israeli children by giving them the essential basis of native spoken English; by teaching English while immersing themselves in Israeli society and becoming an integral member of the city in which they live, teach and volunteer.

The Melton Centre of Jewish Education partnering with Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, offers a unique opportunity for MITF participants and former participants to complete an MA in Education specializing in Jewish Education at The Hebrew University concurrently with their teaching fellowship.

Fellows may complete the online semesters during their year of teaching and attend the 4-week summer semester in Jerusalem upon the conclusion of their fellowship. This program provides fellows with the unique opportunity to live, work, and complete their MA degree at one of the top hundred universities in the world, within the year.

Special benefits apply to students registering as current or former Masa Israel Teaching Fellows.   

For more information about Masa Israel Teaching Fellows:

For more information about the Melton Centre and MITF partnership, please contact

Dr. Marcelo I. Dorfsman, (Academic Coordinator)

Mrs. Linor Flatto: (Recruitment Office)