Cheryl Bedenbaugh

My name is Cheryl Bedenbaugh and I am using my degree as a Faculty Professor at Excelsior College in the Psychology Department Judaic Studies.


André Frank

André Frank is a Jewish educator from Brazil. Master in Jewish Education by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he initially graduated in Graphic Design also accumulating six years of studies in Brazilian and Israeli yeshivot with extension courses for the teaching of Jewish History at the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), 

Nirit Gelfer

Nirit Gelfer

I'm an Israeli and in the past two years I was a Shlicha through the Jewish Agency, at Hillel in two Universities in the USA. My role was to represented Israel and lead the Israel education programs and delegations.

Josh G

Josh Gerstein

Joshua Gerstein is a Jerusalem based Rabbi and Jewish Educator. He is a Lieutenant in the IDF reserves where he serves as a battalion Rabbi and is the author of the book "A People, A Country, A Heritage-Torah Inspiration from the Land of Israel”.